Properties are coming onto the market in numbers and increasing interest is being shown by potential buyers. Buying and selling is a complex matter, often with as many problems in the chain leading up to the sale of your property, as ahead of you with the property you would like to buy.

However, we are here to sort it all out for you, with 40 years experience. In addition, in the last year, we have sold 46 of our Client’s properties at the full asking price, 9 since this last Christmas and 9 at over the asking price, at figures ranging from £5,000 to £19,950 more. This means that these lucky clients, not only covered our fees, but made a handsome profit on top, in one case a £13,800 net profit, after paying our fees.

Now we can’t promise that, in every case, but it does illustrate the skill and ability of our negotiators.

Since Christmas, we have arranged the sales of £11,155,650 value of properties. Yes, over £11 million pounds worth, small medium and large properties.

If you are considering selling in 2018, do talk to us. There will be no cost or obligation in doing this.

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