When purchasing a property, despite its features and benefits, some would-be buyers, regard the actual street number as being important enough to determine whether they view, as it may affect their well being and good fortune.

This may be true for some individuals, that consider the street number to be a factor on their wish list, but the question that needs to be asked is, is it a myth, or does it have an impact on value?

There is no actual market research, or evidence to qualify the concern, but individuals rarely admit to being openly affected by their fear of  numbers, known as Arithmophobia.  

In the UK, the number 13, has always been a contentious number, with many would-be buyers.  Some Developers, in order to overcome this possible superstitious hurdle, refer to Plot 12A, or even leave out Plot 13 altogether, from their site, in order to appeal to the wider market.

Certain Property Developers in London, who are aware of the Feng Shui belief that Chinese buyers avoid homes with the number 4, which sounds like the word ‘death’ in Cantonese and Mandarin, opting for a house name as an alternative.

With regard to highly sought after numbers, the number 8 (good fortune) and the number 9 (long life) are high in demand for street numbers, for the Chinese.  The number 6 is also considered to be a very auspicious number, for the Mandarin Chinese, because it is a homonym of the word for ‘flowing’ or ‘smooth’.  The number 14, is by far the most feared number in Chinese superstition.  The combination of the words meaning 10 (shi) and 4 (si), can mean ‘accident’ or when both numbers are read separately ‘will die’.  Interestingly, when you get in an elevator, in a Chinese hotel, you will not find yourself on the 14th floor, but on the 15th floor once you have passed floor number 12, due to the inauspiciousness of the number 14.  With Western influences, you could find that even floor 13, could well be missing too.

In Europe, the Italians are superstitious about the street number 17, similar to the UK’s number 13.

It would seem that, every country has its popular and less desirable numbers, for would-be buyers.  Is it really a myth or a reality factor for would-be buyers?  This is an interesting discussion point, if individuals are prepared to admit openly, to their superstitious fears.

From front line Estate Agency experience in the UK, the suggestion is, that there may be a very small percentage of would-be buyers that are affected by a number, but in general terms, this does not in any way affect the value of the property.  Good news for home owners, who live in houses with number 13 in the street name.


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