It sounds like good sense, doesn’t it? Let’s look at what we are talking about. Firstly, your biggest asset, running into hundreds of thousands of pounds. Your plans, you are moving for a reason. Moving area, you need to be in a catchment for a good school for the children, the house which was great whilst the children were growing up, is now bigger than you need? At the other end of the scale, you are bursting at the seams and need room for expansion? You are lucky enough to have inherited and want to both invest it wisely and improve your lifestyle? Or, if you have been unlucky and you need to realise your capital? Whatever the reason for moving, you need someone to help you, who you can trust to give you sound advice and arrange the best possible deal for you. Having done that, to get the sale over the many hurdles that inevitably follow. Problems that arise after survey, legal hiccups, someone to investigate and help resolve problems in the chain leading up to the sale of your property and if you are buying on, the chain ahead of you. Cut price agents will say what they think you want to hear, overprice your property and quote low fees, all to get you to instruct them, but then what? You don’t sell and are then pressed to reduce and reduce again the asking price. You have lost that early golden marketing period, when it is fresh on the market and you will possibly lose that property that you had your eye on. The truth is that to be able to do a proper job for you, an agent cannot offer very low fees. If they are doing the job necessary, they need to spend money on advertising and promoting your property, they need to employ and train good quality staff, who will work from prominent offices, provide cars for them to carry out viewings, meet all the many regulations that Government in recent years have decided are necessary. So, dealing with firms that are reliable and trustworthy is all important and those firms who have operated for a large number of years have proven that they are. These Firms have loyal Clients, who will return to them and recommend others to do so. Think carefully before you decide who you wish to handle your valuable property and to advise you, just as you would with your accountant, doctor, dentist, optician, plumber or builder. There is a lot at stake and a mistake here could be frustrating, expensive and very stressful.

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