Firstly, there is the valuation of the property. This is relatively straight forward, because of the magnitude of evidence available on the internet. Unfortunately, this enables poor quality agents to provide credible figures.

Secondly, there is finding a good Buyer. This is where matters become more subtle. There are those who will like the property and even offer on it, but a good agent must differentiate between interest and the ability to purchase and proceed. If the potential buyer is of substance, then the skill of a good agent is to negotiate the best figure possible for their Client, the Seller.

Thirdly comes the really critical stage, often not fully understood, that of the progression of the sale. This starts with ensuring that the Buyer is in a position to proceed (are they selling another property?). Next, their finances, ensuring that they have a mortgage arranged in principle and enabling and facilitating a survey for mortgage purposes and possibly a private survey too. Often, problems will arise and a professionally qualified firm will have the ability to negotiate and agree matters with a Chartered Surveyor, who will have similar qualifications. On the legal side, the Conveyancing Solicitors will require all the information they need and be able to refer to the Selling Agent, at any time, for assistance. A good Agent will keep in regular contact, to monitor any holdups and help manage delays. This is a vital area, to minimise the chances of a sale falling down. Do not be misled by certain advertising, suggesting that there is little to selling, so why not pay a lower fee!? Like most things in life, quality is worth paying for and is best value in the end, especially when you are talking about such a valuable asset, for some the most valuable asset they own.

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