You naturally want a sale to take place as soon as possible and at the best price that can be achieved. You may be trying to buy something else at a higher price, or downsizing, or just wanting to realise your capital as soon as possible. To do this, several things are necessary. Firstly, it is important to market the property at the right price. Too low, and you will be losing money you could have had. Too high, and it will delay a sale. Of course, you can always reduce a high asking price later, but you will have missed out on the ‘honeymoon’ period, when the property is fresh on the market and the maximum number of potential buyers can be interested, in the shortest time period. That is when the highest offers can be negotiated, sometimes at the full asking price and occasionally, even in excess of it. We have sold properties where the increased price, not only covers our fees, but provides the Seller with a profit above those. To achieve this, negotiating skills are necessary and our experience provides these. However, miss out on that period, because the asking price was too high, then not only will it take longer to sell, but the end resulting figure is likely to be somewhat lower. Buyers are unlikely to pay a full figure when a property has been on the market for some time. Don’t fall into the trap of appointing an Agent because they are quoting a lower fee, there is a reason for that. You need an experienced, skilled professional person to achieve what you have a right to receive and although our fees are not the lowest, they are not expensive either and do provide the best value for money.

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