Time is most people’s most precious resource, and the one which is most scarce.
Yet, time is so frequently wasted by many people… it just slides by and often people don’t realise if it has been wasted, until it’s too late… much later.
Imagine your time is like water and is flowing through your life, carried by a series of pipes, like a network system that ensures your time gets to those parts of your life which need it.
Well, if these water pipes leak, you want to repair them, right?
And if these pipes simply lead to a drain, where the time water just flows away uselessly, you want to divert the pipe to make sure the time you need can be devoted to the parts of life which need it.
• So, where are the Leaks in your time system?
• What is it that Drains your time?
• What is it that you can change to make better use of your time?

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