Our interest is in you. If you are happy with our service, you will recommend us to friends and family, who we assure you, we will look after in the same way. This is how we are, rather than use gimmicks or fee cutting to try and attract your business, which will inevitably reduce the quality of any service.

A good Agent needs to employ intelligent and resourceful people, provide cars to assist people to view properties, premises for Customers and Clients to meet and talk with their Negotiators and understanding Reception Staff. Those premises need IT systems, telephone systems and support staff, much of which are not provided by cut price or on-line only agents.

Our whole business is lead by experience, skill, enthusiasm and energy. After all we will be handling your most valuable asset. You want to sell it, but not to undersell it. You want the sale to go through and getting that to happen takes a lot of skill and perseverance. You also want to buy your next property and you will need to be able to discuss the complications and pitfalls possible and how they can be handled for you. There is much more to this whole business, than some would have you believe.

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