The current (soon to be retiring) Governor of The Bank of England thinks so, but let’s look at the facts.

Everyone aspires to own their own home, but there are unfortunately not enough properties available, to meet demand.

Buying is still the cheapest way to acquire a home, if you are able to put together a deposit and even that, is less now than it was a year ago and have the means to re-pay a mortgage.

What is more basic to human aspiration than to own and cherish your own home?

Mortgage deals are increasingly attractive and amongst 96 mortgage providers in the country, you can be sure there will be one to cater to your special requirements.

Whatever happens in the economy, people need somewhere to live and with a reducing supply of rented properties, due to landlords selling them off, because of increasing regulations and taxation and soon to be more so, by the removal of the fees that were previously paid by tenants, the demand for housing to buy can only increase.

Investment in bricks and mortar is always going to be more stable than Stocks and Shares, so it is a bright outlook for the housing market, whatever happens with Brexit.

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