Yes we do, but we are very experienced in the first time buyers and middle market as well and are extremely successful in what we do.

It costs nothing to get our valuation of your property and our very personable Valuers can explain what we can do overall and what we can do for you in particular.

We have a much lower, than the national average fall-through rate of sales and that is because we have a dedicated and experienced sales progression team. We can offer savings and very competitive deals on mortgages and insurance, with no hidden fees.

Many of our properties sell at the full price or even more. Our Valuers are expert in getting that little extra. We are Chartered Surveyors and that makes our relationship with surveyors, (mortgage and private), such that, we have the best chance of ensuring that mortgage offers result in, what are needed.

We can arrange mortgages with the “whole of market” currently 96 lenders, also at no cost. (the usual broker’s fees are £500/£600) and we find the mortgage lender most suited to your particular needs.

We deal with firms of solicitors who specialise in conveyancing and who we know will speed the transaction through.

This is just a sample of what we can do and we will be happy to tell you more, when we meet.

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