Despite fears over Brexit and it being the holiday season, quality properties are still coming onto the market and are still being sold.

There are fewer numbers of people viewing, but less time wasters and more serious and sincere buyers.

There is no reason why this should not continue and if you are thinking of selling and as a consequence most likely buying too, it is an excellent time to be doing so. Prices are still rising on attractive properties and ‘bricks and mortar’ has always been a good investment.

As long as you are sensible about the price you ask, the buyers are there. These are always qualified by a good Agent, reducing the chances of an abortive sale, and a good Agent will also provide Surveyors (mortgage and private) enough comparable evidence and information, to enable them to agree the values, so that the sale can proceed. The only major problem after that is the chain, above (your purchase) and below (your purchasers’) and again, if you pick your Agent carefully, they will handle that for you. It needs both subtlety and a strong hand at different times, but a good Agent will know when to apply each.

At the end of the day, this is about your future and your quality of life and if you make a profit on the sale, it is tax free!

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