Finding someone who would like to buy. That is when the work of a Real Estate Agent comes into its own.

Qualifying the Buyer. Are they in a position to proceed? Have they got their mortgage arranged? What is the position with the sale of their own property?

1. What is the timing needed, what time do you need?

2. Have you found somewhere to go to? What is the position of the sellers?

3. In most cases there will be a survey. The Directors of this firm are Chartered Surveyors (RICS) so in a good position to discuss matters and negotiate with the surveyors of the property.

4. There are changes in personal circumstances, which even we have no control over. Illness, death in the family, redundancy, or just a change of mind.

N.B. If you arrange a mortgage though L&C (London and Country Mortgages) who have access to the whole of the market, which we can arrange for you, they will offer you advice, free of any fee, (others charge £500/600) as well as £1,000 free insurance against redundancy, the seller withdrawing, down valuation if over 10% and gazumping by £1,000 or more.

All of this we can handle for you, can cut price agents?

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