Firstly, I am talking about my greatest asset, my home. I have worked ‘tooth and nail’ to acquire it, maintain it and improve it and I have enjoyed many benefits from it. I have brought up my family in it, I have invested love and attention, to say nothing of the money and when I come to the sad parting of the waves, it would help greatly to realise a good return.

A good agent, by which I mean a ‘professional’ agent and there are not many left, will have your interests at the centre of everything. They will be approachable and easy to talk to and with the benefit of many years experience and an intimate knowledge of the market, will be able to guide you through the whole complex process. Because they are professional, they will be sympathetic and understanding of the buyer’s position too, but will never lose sight of the fact that their primary responsibility will be to you and your future.

Regrettably, profit seeking organisations, primarily considering their own interests, have flooded the market. They will try to persuade you to go with them, with promises of low fees and quick deals and are playing with your emotions. The online variety are not stupid either, they require you to pay fees upfront, so whatever they then do after that, is largely irrelevant. They may inflate, or over value your property to induce you to go with them, but be warned, they do not have a sincere interest in your wellbeing.

Their behaviour has devalued, what was once a ‘profession’, to that of being just a ‘business’, run in their interests, not yours.

In such an important transaction, as disposing of your biggest asset and your home, you deserve better than this.

Talk candidly to us, or someone like us, to understand the truth and how ultimately to deal with matters in the best way

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