Experienced: having dealt with all possible scenarios.

Approachable: You will want to meet them to discuss your concerns.

High Profile: to help attract the maximum number of enquiries, to add to a database.

Skilful: in obtaining, on your behalf, the best price and advising you when to accept and when to hold out.

Able to Negotiate: effectively over a wide variety of problems that could arise from down valuations and structural queries raised by Surveyors, doing Private or Mortgage Surveys, to legal problems, to personal dilemmas that arise on the buyers side or indeed on your purchase side.

To be constantly Monitoring: the sales chains in order to identify problems, even before they arise, giving the best chance of resolving them.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that buying and selling is a simple matter, it is not. But with the right Agent, you can increase the likelihood of moving, greatly.

We would be happy to talk through any matters of concern or interest and having a Real Estate Agent acting for you, we will reduce the stresses dramatically. Like having a good Accountant, Doctor, Decorator, Carpenter, Dentist, Optician, Plumber, Solicitor etc.

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