You want your house sold, quickly, efficiently at the best price possible and without spending a fortune to do it.

Some Agents will overprice your property at the time of Valuation, in order to get you to instruct them. They won’t be able to sell it and will be coming back to you shortly, asking you to reduce the price.

Some Agents will offer a low fee, too low to be able to do a proper job for you. This is also to get your property on their books. They may end up with a lot of properties available, but few sales.

If you look at buses, see how many are Mercedes. Now Mercedes are more expensive than other makes, but they do a better job, they don’t break down and they last longer. In the end, they are better value and worth it.

We are not cut price Agents, but we are less than you may think. We will get you a better price, we will get the sale through for you and in the end, we will offer you better value and are worth it.

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