On-line agents have spent a lot of investor’s money on television advertising trying to convince the public that there is nothing to it. In fact, if you employ them you are paying a lot of money just to list your property on property portals, such as Rightmove and little else. You will pay them up front, whether your property sells or not.

In reality, finding someone who would like to buy your property is just Stage 1. Stage 2 is negotiating the best price for you (they won’t), Stage 3 is verifying that they are financially able to buy (they won’t), Stage 4 is to progress the sale through all the very many potential pitfalls (they won’t), Stage 5 is to deal with problems that arise from survey (they won’t) and finally you will pay nothing to a good agent unless the sale is completed and you are happy. You will have paid them up to £1,000, whether you sell or not. Buy cheap, pay twice. The cheapest is never the best. Your biggest asset, is far too important for that. Arrange a chat with us and we will guide you through all the pitfalls, towards a conclusion that will make you happy.

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