There is more to being an Estate Agent, than some might imply

The work done by a real Estate Agent has been devalued by some of the Internet based agents, suggesting there is nothing to it and therefore you might as well go for the cheapest. However, it is worth noting that they want to be paid up front, not on results.

This is very much not the case. It requires subtle, skilful and experienced handling of your property in many respects. Examples are, valuing at the right price, (not too high, to prevent a sale and certainly not too low). Attractive marketing in the best ways, using the most appropriate means. Skilful negotiating when offers are obtained, to ensure that you obtain full value. Regular and skilful progressing of the sale, once arranged, by persons who are respected by the members of the Law Firms involved, both in your sale and on your behalf, when you are also trying to buy.

Dealing with the results of adverse surveys, whether the problems raised are structural, technical, or a Surveyor’s opinion of value.

Remember, this is most people’s biggest asset and variations either way, can be in tens of thousands of pounds.

Would you go to a surgeon, a dentist, an accountant or a solicitor, because they were the cheapest? You are buying their skills and expertise and paying a little more, is always worthwhile. In our case, it is very little more, if any, but the value you will gain from using us, will be immense. (See the Feefo testimonials, accessed from our home page. Feefo are an independent Testimonial Company recognised by Google, where the comments made can’t be changed).

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