How much does it cost to Sell?

Is it the fee charged at the outset? Consider these factors:

1. You need an Agent, who will ask the best possible price for you.

2. You need a skilful negotiator, to agree the best figure possible.

3. You need an experienced negotiator to deal with the problems that will inevitably arise following a survey. Whether it be structural (physical) or valuation matters.

4. You need a knowledgeable and able team to progress the sale and deal with any problems as soon as they arise. This will be not only with your immediate sale, but that of your buyer and those with your proposed purchase and any chain beyond.

In short, the net figure that you are able to walk away with on completion of your sale, will make insignificant, any small difference in fee quoted to you at the outset. This is invariably to persuade you to go with that agent and not offered in your best interests.

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