Firstly we can have an initial chat, without commitment, about all aspects of your intended move. During this we can give you guidance on the financial implications, value of your property and the possible complications to expect.

If you decide to proceed, we will guide you through the presentation of the property and the best way to market it.

We will produce a full colour brochure for handing to viewers and sending in the post on request and this will include a coloured floor plan. We will of course let you have copies.

The property will be displayed, at an early stage, in an attractive manner with a selection of colour photographs on the portals Rightmove and OnTheMarket, as well as our own website.

We maintain a large database of people looking to buy and these are immediately emailed and those in the position to proceed straight away are telephoned and sent SMS messages to advise them. In addition, once a week we send a list of all our Clients properties, that are new on the market, reduced in price or re-instated, in the event of a sale for any reason not proceeding.

We accompany all interested parties, in a friendly and helpful manner, giving guidance to help them make a decision.

When we obtain an offer, we discuss this in detail with you, our Client, and then negotiate the best figure possible. We are experienced in this and remember our Client’s interests, that is you the Vendor, are paramount.

When we have negotiated a sale for you and this is critical, you could lose thousands of pounds at this stage, if not done skilfully. We then move onto the next important phase.

Before a sale is confirmed, several matters are investigated. We obtain proof of the Buyer’s financial ability and carry out money laundering checks, as required by law. All are done promptly, so as not to delay the sale.

Immediately, full details of the sale are sent to both parties and their legal representatives.

The most important part of the agreed sale, is the progressing of it. An experienced Progressor will follow up every aspect, including the details of any chain of sales leading up to your Purchaser and if you are buying, all aspects of your chain too. This involves constant contact with Solicitors, encouraging and pressing them and offering our assistance. Ensuring that any mortgage or private surveys are instigated. Our experienced Valuers will handle any problems that arise from these.

We are here to offer support and guidance to your Buyer, but most importantly, to You.

We are not satisfied until the keys of the property are being handed over on completion and all loose ends are tied up.

After that and only then, will our fees become payable and it is not unknown for us to have negotiated such a full figure that they are partially or even fully covered.

We are here to hold your hand throughout a long and involved process and to make sure you are settled in your new home.

We use the latest technology to assist, but there is no way that a proper job can be carried out, using only technology. It always has been and always will be, something requiring skilful and experienced personal involvement.

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