Despite all rumours and concerns, the coming Brexit has had little or no effect on the housing market. Life will go on and needs to move are as they have always been. For work, to be nearer family, to down size or reduce maintenance commitments, or buying larger because of growth in the family, progression in the career, or enabling a larger investment.

Needs are many and leaving the European Community is not going to change that.

Fortunately, the Brexit negotiations will be spread over several years, plenty of time for the early anger and resentments to subside and a pragmatic realisation come about, that there is much to be gained by continuing trade with the UK and to carry on cooperation on many matters, from Security and Interpol, or medical research.

There is no reason why our economies can’t work together, much as they do today, and old alliances, built on so much history, will continue.

So there is no need to consider holding back your moving plans, it is as good a time as any to carry them through.

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