It’s easy isn’t it? you just put a price on your property, advertise it, somebody comes along wanting it and it is sold!
If only it was that simple.

Firstly, are you getting as much as it is worth? Did you start off at the right figure and did you have an experienced negotiator ensuring that you settled at the best price? The difference at this stage can be thousands of pounds, more than enough to cover a good Agent’s fees.

Secondly, the progression of the sale must be handled with skill, based on knowledge and expertly executed. The pitfalls and delays here are too numerous to mention, but each one could prevent the sale from going through.

The CEO of one of the more successful of the ‘Online only’ agents has recently conceded, that when it comes to negotiation and progression, there is no substitute for human involvement.

We can hold your hand through all of this, with 40 years of successful experience. Have a chat with us today, there is no obligation.

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