Since the Referendum result, contrary to the fears of the public and some pundits alike, the market has not stepped back, in fact on the contrary, it is busier and more active that it has been for some time. Public confidence is such that there is no shortage of properties coming onto the market and no shortage of sales either. When the matter is considered, in fact it makes sense. Where safer to put your money that in a residential property? There is a continuing shortage, which ensures that there will be an upward pressure on prices and when you sell, any gain, as an owner occupier, will be Capital Gains Tax free. There is no future in keeping large deposits in the Bank, as the rate of interest they will earn, will be less than inflation and therefore they will be depreciating in value. Whether you voted to Remain or to Leave, it is looking as if we are going to make it outside Europe and are too large a market for them, to not want to reach mutually beneficial trading deals and the housing market will continue to go from strength to strength. Watch our web-site to see how many properties are changing hands.

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