Are you concerned by some of the negative reports you are hearing on the media? some are attributing everyday problems to Brexit, which is not the cause.
We can report, that not only has the residential property market sustained well, but since the result of the Referendum was announced, there has been an actual upturn in activity. This reflects, confidence, optimism and the on going need to move, for a variety of reasons. The rental market is also very active and the combination of the two, proves that everyone has to live somewhere and have a home. Those who are fortunate enough to be able to buy, do so and those who are either not settling in an area, need housing for a temporary amount of time, or just can’t afford the very large deposits demanded these days, are choosing to rent. As a reassurance, if you are, or are considering, buying or selling, The Nationwide and Halifax building Societies are reporting price growth and the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) are very upbeat. For ourselves, we can report several cases where the full prices and prices even over the asking prices, have been paid. So if you were thinking of a move, go ahead and do it, you wont be sorry.

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