The Summer is Over . . .

In so many ways! After a disappointing summer, of little good weather, we have now passed the holiday season, the children are back at school and minds turn to that move, that we wanted to make in 2015 and now have our last good chance.

The choice of properties is good, mortgage monies are freely available and others like you want to sell and buy.

September and October are annually good times to move, so why not start looking early.

The market is strong, reflecting the healthy state of the UK economy and this is illustrated by the surprisingly high number of properties selling at the full price. Of course, you can always try an offer, but if you know others are also interested, why risk losing it for a relatively small difference. Remember, if you are selling as well, this benefits you too.

Whatever you do pay, rest assured that this time next year, it will look like a bargain.

It costs nothing to be put on alerts, either on the Portals or Agents’ own websites and you will quickly get a sense of values.

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