What could go wrong with a sale? It’s easy isn’t it? List it and someone will want to buy!

No, the whole matter is extremely complex and subtle and the following is an idea of what is involved.

1. The Valuation, of what is probably your biggest asset, is all important. Too low and you lose money, too high and you don’t sell.

2. When an offer is received, a skilled and experienced Valuer will negotiate the best price for you. Out of the last 60 sales we have negotiated the full asking price or more, on 23 properties, ( ie. over 30%)

3. The Buyer’s financial ability needs to be verified.

4. Solicitors need to be given instructions, with full details and be told of the prospect of future, regular contacts from the Agent.

5. Mortgages have to be secured and surveys arranged.

6. Intensive progression needs to take place, at least once a week to spot any hold-ups or problems that need to be resolved.

7. On the Buyer’s side, are they selling? What is happening there? If they are selling, what is the position of their Buyers? Are they selling? How long is the chain?

8. What are your plans? Have you found a property? Is it local? What is the position of the Owner? Are they buying somewhere else, etc. There are surveys and mortgages, up and down the chain, both above and below you, as well as legal hiccups.

This can’t be done on the cheap, by cut price agents. Penny wise will be pound foolish. By paying a reasonable fee (it doesn’t have to be a high one) to an Agent of repute, with strong local knowledge, you will be many pounds better off – guaranteed.

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