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12th May 2011 - Market Trends

Market Trends

12th April 2011 - RICS March 2011 UK Housing Market Survey

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8th March 2011 - BBC Wales - Housing Market Report

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February 2011 - Housing Report.

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'Tony Filice's Top Tips for selling your house' as featured in the Western Mail.

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Housing Problems - The PM's Response

In October 2010 I wrote to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, highlighting two issues with the housing market that need addressing:

Firstly, the range of housing market statistics issued by the numerous organisations with conflicting views. Secondly, the difficulty first time buyers are experiencing in obtaining mortgage finance.

In November 2010 I received a reply on behalf of the PM from Grant Shapps, the Minister for Housing and Local Government, responding to my two concerns as follows:

Kelvin Francis: Market Bulletin : Housing Problems - The PM's Response

I was pleased to receive the above response from our Housing Minister and hope that the government will keep a watchful eye on the underlying current problems of mortgage finance which is so imperative in the lifeline of the housing market.